Transport Management System for Department of Transport


Construction solution proposal of HanelSoft is “TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”, applied to Department of Transport integrating different systems, providing specialized features, meeting the requirement of centralized transport operations, running overall and unified in the province/city, complying strictly with the regulations in transportation management, willing to integrated operations to send and receive data, reports from requirement of  Directorate for Roads of Vietnam and Department of Transport. The system has some prominent point:

  • Integration: managing focusing data, helping Department of Transport to inspect fast operations of mean of communication from systems
  • The system performs data transmission with systems of Directorate for roads of Vietnam through easily defined protocols.
  • The system is highly customizable, scalable, reporting according to the specific management needs of each Department of Transport.
  • Visual management bases on the unified digital map.
  • Accessing reported data quickly and accurately. Reports support output to many formats: excel, pdf ...
  • Using on a variety of devices: computers, tablets, smart phones.  Using anytime, anywhere with secure connection over the Internet.

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Transport management