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Outsourcing Services

In order to compete in today's economy, improving efficiency and reducing costs are the top priorities of businesses. In recent years, statistics have shown the tendency to outsource specialized units to perform part of the work as an answer to the problem. With experience working with leading partners, HanelSoft provides outsourcing services to help businesses optimize operational efficiency, enhance competitiveness and expand market share.

HanelSoft's outsourcing services meet the needs of both business and technology customers with the goal of leveraging technology to improve business efficiency. Two main types of services HanelSoft offers:

  • Software development on demand

HanelSoft provides software development services with international standards and has successfully deployed complex software development projects for many partners and customers. We provide a variety of software development services such as helping customers maintain software systems by fixing and updating existing software features or developing new software packages.

  • Providing information technology manpower

HanelSoft provides partners with information technology human resources having many years of experience and deploying at the customer site requested. Having a team of skilled professionals, HanelSoft provides solutions for the shortage of qualified IT personnel at the appropriate cost in recent years.

With the selection of HanelSoft's outsourced services, businesses receive many benefits:

  • Cost saved significantly simultaneous ensuring IT strategy effectiveness.
  • Predictability, transparency and easy controlling cost
  • The service is optimized with the operation needs of the business.
  • Accessing to resources with expertise and skills capable of increasing value and stability.
  • Accessing to a variety of specialized technology resources through HanelSoft's service.
  • Reallocating the resources of the business in line with the objectives of the operation.

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