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iScale is a weigh station management system allowing users to check and manage the information about road safety violations of vehicle weight regulations.

iScale is designed with the purpose of providing web based information management channels. Users can use browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari to access and process information with a centralized data storage.


Login Interface


As for users, iScale offers:

  • Providing information management tool for weigh stations
  • Providing detailed statistics and information about vehicle violation and operations of the weigh stations
  • Providing adequate report system and useful information for road safety management


Administrator's Dashboard


Weigh receipt

iScale consists of 2 main parts:

Data Transmission System to transfer data from weightt stations to the centralized system:

iScale data transmission system is a system recording information received after each weight time such as 

  • The shaft weight
  • The overload percent
  • Truck information 
  • Driver information 

 It also provides other information like system logs at stations and transfers data to a central system.

Central System (website):

The iScale website works as the central system for weigh station management  handling information received from the weigh stations. This website is responsible for providing the following information:

  • Statistics: provides statistical information of active or inactive stations, the number of weigh receipts per day, the number of weigh receipts on each weigh station in a day.
  • System Administration: provides user list and rights to add / edit / delete user information for administrators.
  • Weigh Station Management: shows active weigh station lists and rights to add / edit / delete weight stations, search weigh stations , view weight station details
  • Weigh Receipt Management: include weigh receipt list, search weigh receipt, check weigh receipt details, print / export weigh receipt
  • Report Management: create reports by period, export / print general reports, print weigh receipt list by periods.
  • System Log: provides client log list, search client log by weigh stations or by period, display log server list, search server logs by weigh stations or by periods