Mobile App


Find Your Own Way is a FREE application, simple to use and convenient to help the user to easily navigate around the maps.

  • You are standing in a strange place and want to catch the bus to somewhere
  • You do not have the time to wait for a bus or you want to call  a taxi but you do not have the phone number 
  • You want to move belongings and need a moving company
  • Or simply, the user wishes to navigate to a new location and require directions 



The User Requirements will be supported by the  Public Transportation application with the easy to use and user friendly interface, with high application  functionality.

  • Accurate and updated information, giving users the best choice to begin the journey.
  • The short and simple actions, detail information, suitable for both the novice and advanced users
  • The application is very compact, does not take up much system resources, maximizes the advantages of a mobile device, with internet capabilities internet and GPS enabled map enabling the user easy interaction and to search by user location.

  • Automatically identify the current location
  • The street directions by the different form: buses, cars, motorcycles and on foot
  • Finding the suitable route (calculate time, the cost of the trip, the bus(es) to use, the distance and duration on foot)
  • Finding the route is very simple with the site selection function on the map
  • Searching for bus routes, bus routes passing through a specific location
  • Inform about the next bus to arrive (distance, time) while waiting at the bus stops
  • Sharing location, route via SMS and social networks
  • Feedback to authorities about vehicle quality, service attitude of staff, events taking place on the bus 
  • Booking monthly tickets online
  • Building social networks for users
  • Calling a taxi, moving company easily with the contacts add-in application with detailed price

Searching for locations i.e.  restaurants, hotels, bars, offices and others