How ERP system helps healthcare industry more healthy?

For more than twenty years, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been a highly and ultimate valued solution for many manufacturing and distribution industries. ERP system helps the certain industry improve their operations with enhancements for their growth, profitability, productivity and overall business processes.  Recently, this software has realized an increase in demand of healthcare industry.

This industry is growing pretty fast and only approximately 20% of healthcare systems have already implemented ERP software for now - according to HIMMS Analytics research. Like other industries, hospitals and healthcare organizations also show interest in improving their operational efficiencies as well as reducing labor and inventory costs. It is also fundamental for them to enhance their information flow and communication among various departments so as to provide timely and correct care. This is very important in healthcare industry because inaccurate and missing information may cost people’s lives. Understanding those problems, ERP system nowadays is change to help healthcare industry more healthy.

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How ERP system helps healthcare industry more healthy?

As mentioned above, an ERP system can enable hospital and healthcare organizations to focus on their patients. It can also help them stay competitive in the healthcare arena. The clinical system refreshes are almost completed so it is the time to up to date new trend in manage and control hospital and healthcare organizations by implementing ERP system to save their cost and their medical system more effective.

  • Human database assists to receive, effectively operate and store all the necessary information related to patients, doctors and employees.
  • Online information program system presents easily both patients and medics available data on healthcare services and features delivered and offers a possibility to meet global patients.
  • Front desk management program is designed as a special module that can be controlled the processes of medical tests, patients’ visits, doctors’ examinations and many other things within the hospital or healthcare organization. 
  • Workbench for doctor and patient is a special platform designed fully automatically with all the necessary calendars, schedules, medical prescriptive, past and future visiting dates used both by patients and doctors so as to facilitate their treatment and communication.
  • Equipment Maintenance System operates the instrumentation used in various medical procedures and report rapidly about its warranty, condition, or if something happens.
  • Billing system can help medical staff operate the expenses and provide patients with the bills.
  • System of financial account helps staffs have the visibility of whole financial processes, gives a possibility to strengthen financial capacity and budget for next few years.
  • Integration with other programs can help the whole system exchange the data with other applications and systems. 
  • System of appointment schedule records the date, time and place for many medical examinations of patients and also can help to plan procedures and subsequent tests.
  • Synchronized reporting and automation system can pull all the reports automatically within one system together while the employees don’t need to maintain documents separately and to merge them into one.

(source: MIMS Today)

Which benefits can ERP bring to healthcare industry?

ERP software solution is no long the necessity for only manufactures and distributors, it’s also considered to be a significant investment for hospitals and healthcare organizations to remain competitive and support their consolidations, development and acquisitions in the 21st century and future. With the help of ERP systems you can be able to:

  • Business Intelligence – BI software helps streamline healthcare processes, measure a hospital’s operational performance, by providing managers all key information about budget, patient visitation analytics and status of a requisitions.
  • Better Patient Care – The number of new hospitals and healthcare organizations is increasing fast so patients (i.e. customers) now have many choices for medical care. This competition has forced hospitals and healthcare organizations to use ERP as a way to improve patient care. With ERP system, patients can be provided effective tools or devices to help them access to databases easily and safely. An efficient hospital/ healthcare organizations will ultimately improve patients’ comfort and satisfaction, therefore increasing their ability to get more new patients and withstand competition with other medical institutes.
  • Reduce Operational Costs – Hospitals are also businesses and to get more profit, they need to control operational costs and do whatever possible to increase profitability. ERP systems for hospital/healthcare organization will help them reduce overhead by integrating departments such as finance, billing, inventory, supplies, and human resources.
  • Integration – Most of healthcare systems (approx. 75-80%) are still running on very old and dispersed software systems.  New integrated ERP system will streamline information throughout the hospital, their outpatient facilities and other, affiliated healthcare facilities, utilize effective search facilities and take advantage of simple centralized backup options

What HanelSoft ERP can do for healthcare industry?

ERP system implemented by HanelSoft is to deliver various clinical and business tools that is necessary for medical providers and managers. This software solution is commonly known that many healthcare organizations focus mainly on improving the quality of medical care at the same time with optimizing back-end operations, maximizing profits and reducing costs. With the help of our ERP solutions all the goals described above can be easily achieved by optimization of business process by our experienced professionals. At Hanel Software Solutions, we ensure to provide all those functions in our ERP system as well as can be customized to match with your needs.



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