E-government - the inevitable trend of a developed country

E-government development is an indispensable trend in the application of information technology (IT) in the operation of government agencies. This is a popular model of many countries in the world to create a transparent and transparent society of information and build the confidence of the people.

1. E- government – new concept in modern society.

In fact, there is currently no uniform definition of e-government. E-government definitions are developed by countries, organizations, and professionals. To conform with the objectives, contents of use and implementation, basically, e-government has the following common characteristics:
• E-government is the government using information and communications technology to automation and digitalization of procedures, paperwork, traditional administrative services;
• E-Government change leadership style, management, creating new ways of building and strategic decisions, business transactions, listen to the people and communities as well as in organizing and providing information;
• E-government aims to strengthen the capacity of the government in the direction of the management and operating effectively and enhance openness and transparency.
• Residents can access the administrative procedures through electronic means such as the Internet, mobile phones, Direct TV.
• E-government is the government working with people 24/24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days per year.
chính phủ điện tử
The government uses information and communication technology to automate and digitize traditional procedures, papers, and administrative services.

2. E-government has many advantages and benefits compared to traditional government.

The application of information technology in many areas is clearly more cost-effective than traditional methods. Even in the operation of the state system, the government is the same:

  • First, e-government can overcome the limitations of traditional government as saving time, convenience for the people to solve the task on time and place ...
  • Second, the message computerization and automation of administrative procedures of e-Government allow settlement services faster, more convenient, more compact, simpler, help people and businesses are provided with full information accurate, easier, and reduce the costs of collecting the information. 
  • Third, e-Government to enhance the transparency and credibility of the government and can collect extensive opinions of people in the process of planning, implementing and monitoring policies of the government. 
  • Fourth, people, business is not wasted expenditures of time, effort, money to beneficiaries outside the public service fee to use the service. 
  • Fifth, with e-government and citizens as customers; relations "ask - give" common in traditional government relations are transformed into "service, providing services" in e-government.
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E-government allows for faster, more convenient, simpler, more streamlined services.

3. Vietnam is gradually building e-government

As a developing country with strong rates, Vietnam is faced with many challenges arising on the issue of its large population and the population distribution is not uniform between the inner - suburban, training energy, environmental pollution, safety and security of the network, renewable energy, especially the transport and handling of personal vehicles. Therefore, in the global common trend, the application of information technology in the management of facilities from the state level to level is very important to work to improve the social-political system.

E-government has four types of interactions: Government to Citizens (G2C), Government to Business (G2B - Government to Business), Government to Government (G2E - Government to Employees and Government to Governments (G2G).

The G2E format can be considered as the first step and the experiment shows the effectiveness of IT application in senior management, which is the premise for building the rest. It can be said that the Ministry of Health Leadership Report System developed by the Hanel Software Solutions Company operates the Department's medical leadership to help increase effective processing efforts, and assists the executive leadership efforts at various levels of leadership of the Ministry of health.

chính phủ điện tử
HanelSoft Company provides solutions for the management of the Ministry of Health leaders.

Recently, the electronic visa system (e-Visa) have been deployed to foreigners, bringing positive feedback to use, and also from travel management professionals. With this application, agencies, leaders will reduce administrative workload as received form, read the form, enter the information, made decisions. With the accuracy, effectiveness, e-visa is developed by HanelSoft to support the work of national security and social security. The system also contributes to the simplification of customs paperwork, paving the way for the development of Vietnam's tourism industry. The development and implementation of e-government are based on a consistent and consistent application platform, creating a favorable premise for interworking, exchanging and sharing data. Up to now, the rate of application in education and training, enrollment, traffic management, health care has been positive.

In the field of transport, the Intelligent Transportation System is gradually being improved, resulting in improvements in traffic regulation and traffic safety. With HanelSoft's smart mapping solution, it supports and delivers measurable results for traffic coordination, management and monitoring. Over 1 year after deployment, as of May 12/2016, intelligent transportation system has fallen nearly 500,000 times traffic violations, reducing the number of traffic accidents significantly.

It can be said that the development of e-government can be identified as the core to building smart cities, creating favorable conditions for people and businesses in all aspects when communicating with government agencies, gradually improve the quality of life for people in all areas such as traffic, environment, education, health, safety, and security.

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